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What to expect when you buy windows and doors form Clearglaze:

The Sales Agreement

After you have received your quotation it will be left entirely up to you to contact us with any queries you may wish to discuss, or if you wish to proceed with the works quoted for. Should you wish to proceed with our quotation a written sales agreement will be drawn up. To ensure the smooth running of your installation, we strongly recommend that you check through your sales agreement for the following…
1. Check that all the details which have been hand written on the sales agreement are correct.
2. Check that anything you agreed verbally with the company representative has been clearly written on the agreement.
Your installation will be fitted in accordance with this information, should you need to make any changes or have any queries regarding any matters on the sales agreement, please discuss this with us.

On-Site Survey
Shortly after the sales agreement has been drawn up we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for our on-site survey. This is to prepare the actual details for the manufacture of the required products, to check the designsand styles you have chosen can be achieved and any additional technical instructions for our installers. Should you wish to make any changes to your sales agreement, you can do this by discussing it with the surveyor, and the office will then advise you if there are any price implications.

Manufacture of your products
The office will process your order for manufacture. In line with our procedures, your new product will be delivered and inspected at our depot one week before your installation. All our products are subject to strict quality control- before they arrive at your home they will have been thoroughly checked to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

The Installation
Each member of our installation team has been hand picked in order to ensure that only the best installers will be carrying out works in your home. In every case they have had the benefit of many years experience within their trade, complimented by a range of additional skills developed along the way.

Care of your home
Your installation team will treat your home with as much care and respect as you would yourself. In every case the greatest care will be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to your property or furnishings. Dustsheets and protective coverings will be used in all circumstances.
Where feasible, your installation team will leave materials in the room overnight if the works span more than one day, but at the end of each day dust sheets will be removed. With the exception of the room being worked on, all other areas will be left neat and tidy. Our aim is to ensure that your home remains as undisturbed as possible.

What preparations do I need to make?
Apart from moving any personal items, furniture and curtains away from the affected areas, all other works will be undertaken by your installation team. They will be equipped with all necessary clean dustsheets and will ensure that all areas in which they are likely to work or walk through will be fully protected.

No Go Areas!
We would ask that children and pets be kept out of the immediate area where your installation team are working. This is primarily for their own protection as power tools and cutting equipment- not to mention glass- can easily inflict injury upon the unwary.

Hours of work
Your installation team will arrive at our depot at 08.30am to load all the necessary materials for your installation, and will arrive at your home between 9.00 and 9.30am. Once on site we do not anticipate many situations requiring your team to leave, as our aim is to provide them with everything that is required to carry out the installation from day one.
Lunch breaks- normally not more than 45 minutes- and 15 minute breaks both morning and afternoon are taken entirely at your teams discretion. Any requirement to work outside these hours should be made in consultation with our surveyor and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do require access to your home between the above hours for the duration of the installation, and whilst there is no need for you to be present throughout, we do consider it beneficial for all concerned if you are available on the first morning, so that introductions can be made and any house rules established.

How much notice will be given prior to installation?
The length of time between placing your order and the subsequent arrival of your installation team to carry out the works is subject to many influences. We will however, agree with you a proposed installation date and will inform you of the likely duration of the works. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to any estimation of installation date, it must be recognized that the arrival of some products may occasionally be subject to unavoidable delays.

Disposal of rubbish
All rubbish generated during the installation will be removed, wherever possible, on a daily basis. Where circumstances have allowed us to utilize a small skip outside your home, we will endeavour to remove this within the first few days of your installation.

Completion of your installation
Upon completion, your installation team will take you through the operation of the new windows or doors. We would also ask that you ensure that you are available to spend a few moments to allow your team to show you their work, and to ensure that you are totally satisfied with their efforts.

The balance of payment detailed on the sales agreement- plus payment for any other works you have instructed us to do- will be invoiced by ourselves or collected by your installation team after they have completed their work on the last day.

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